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A video review of the Winkie.

Note: This is an older version of the Winkie. The new version has a larger tube.


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A new review from YouTuber Emmett Rhyse on the new version of the Winkie. Emmett has a couple more reviews coming up for some of our other products.





Wanna know what's in my pants? Let me show you! (Warning, pictures of the prosthetic)Lol! I recently got my willie stp prosthetic from @yourwillieshop in the mail and I'm so impressed! It's custom made to match my skintone, looks and feels super realistic, and most importantly, I can stand to pee! I've honestly not had much success with other stps and pretty much gave up on them, but this one works amazingly, I haven't had anything but success so far. It also packs really well and makes me feel a lot more confident in my skin. Chris is super fast and easy to work with, I would 10/10 reccomend you check him out!



I just wanted to talk about my experience with “Your Willy Shop”. The owner posted that he had an stp that had gotten slightly messed up. Wanted to sale it for $100 instead of the normal $150. So I ordered it. He informed me that he doesn’t ship until Thursday because I think this was on Monday? He also informed me that this was the medicine spoon type STP. Among others things. He wanted me to know what I was ordering. 


On Thursday he contacted me to tell me it was shipped and the tracking number. That was two days ago and I already received it. 


It looks exactly as promised. It’s worth way more than $100 in my opinion even with the slight defects. That aren’t even on the STP itself but the tab. 


I pulled it out and tried it once and I got it on the first try. I’m telling you guys this guy is the real deal. He’s really friendly. And his product is everything he says and more. I really hope it will continue to work for me. I do have a little practice from using the shewee. That’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten to work which is why I figured this type may work better for me. But that’s much bigger so I was sure this would take a lot of learning. Best STP I’ve ever gotten by far and even if I have some leaks learning I still think I can get it down. 


If I’m being petty the ONLY issue I even kind of have with this thing is it’s a little small. Most guys seem to prefer this size but I have the 4 inch packer from gender cat and it’s a bit thicker. I wish he made different sizes. But if he continues to do well and his business grows I’m sure that will be an option down the road. Maybe an inch longer and a bit thicker. It’s plenty big for most guys though. 


He tells people if they want to use adhesive get gender cat. That’s what I use anyway. Personally I think it wouldn’t hurt gender cats business to hire this guy to contract out and make stps for them.


This is the best STP I've used. The color was matched perfectly to my skin and the delivery process was quick. Professional communication with the seller great.



Review from my Etsy site

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Great communication with the owner and super fast shipping. I've used a copuple stp's before and was interested in the design of the ones this shop makes, but has never used the medicine spon type of device and was a bit hesitant. I ordered the spoon first to try it out and it works well, very happy overall.

Review from my Etsy site



Review from my Etsy site

Shipping was prompt, and let me tell you, I am THRILLED to have this STP. I never had any success with the medicine spoon style STP's until this bad boy. I'm familiar enough with my own anatomy that there was no leakage on the first try and it has been flawless since! The shape really is a game changer. I look forward to another purchase from the shop in the future.