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My name is Chris and my story starts like a lot of your’s. Forty something years ago the doctor slapped me on the butt and said, “It’s a girl.” How wrong he was. I had a fairly good childhood. I was allowed to play with whatever kinds of toys I wanted. That was really unusual for the era I was raised in. I had one huge thing I was dsyphoric about. I couldn’t stand to pee like my male cousins. I would use empty toilet paper tubes, but we didn’t go though toilet paper very fast. Throughout my life I would occasionally still look for a way I could stp. One day, I saw a meme on Facebook making fun of the SheWee. My heart jumped

             into my throat and I forgot to breath for a minute. Could it be true? Could it be real? Google it. Yes! Its real and there are even stp’s that look like a penis. That’s how, 7 years ago, I was introduced to the trans world.


I watched some videos and made a few DIY stp’s. I did get that SheWee, as well as the Pibella, the Sam, the Mr. Fenis, and I even saved up for the Emisil gen 2.

I finally got fed up with the available options for stp's. Someone I’m close to is interested in Hollywood makeup and horror prosthetics. So I used that knowledge base to create my own stp. I'm not a fan of stp's with a large cup. They leave you feeling damp. I preferred stp's like the medicine spoon or the Pibella but they don't look realistic.

I started with the urination device. It took a lot of variations and product testing before I came up with our current product. It covers just the urethra and placement is intuitive. It creates a seal so there is no leaking. Once you break the seal there is no urine left on you.

I also don't like that the available stp's are all based on an erect penis. Generally a cis penis does not show veins. It's wrinkled and less girthy. So I sculpted a flaccid penis. The available stp's generally have a thick wall which makes them rigid. If they aren't placed right in your pants it looks like you have an erection. Plus they don't move right, especially when you're shaking out the last drops. So I developed my own method for creating a flaccid feeling penis.

Some people really want the extra bulge of having balls, so I created one with balls. Some people are only worried about the bits that might be seen at a urinal, so I created one with only a penis.

The next problem with available stp's is the paint. It can rub off over time. With my, above mentioned, method there is no paint. The color is incorporated into the silicone. I don't offer a color selection. There are too many variations of skin tone. I color match it to you.

The final problem is the cost. These are needed items. I’ve done everything I can to cut costs and still produce a high quality product. I make the molds and prosthetics myself by hand so there are no machine/factory costs. But cutting the final price isn’t enough. I also offer financing. You set what you can afford to pay and how often you can afford to pay it. When you’ve made your last payment I’ll make your order and ship it. My core guiding principle is to offer a high quality product that people can afford.

Check out my products and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

My Story

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