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about our products

Our mission at Your Willie Shop is to provide a quality realistic prosthetic products for trans men and nonbinary people at a price point that more people could attain. Here are a few ways we do that!

First, none of our models are copied from a cis man. Each one was originally a sculpture created by our owner and founder Chris Guy and then a mold was created from that.


Second, our color will not rub off as it is intrinsically mixed into the silicone. Each layer is a different color, shade or tone and carefully laid inside the mold to achieve a realistic coloring. Then a final few layers are added to complete the skin before the gel is added to give a realistic flaccid feel. Also we don’t offer color charts but instead match your skin tone including (if you want) any skin irregularities you may have such as freckles or  rosacea.


Third, we only offer 2n1 stp/packers because we feel when you add more functionality you have to compromise, leaving all functions less than optimal. So we focus strictly on packing and peeing. When a cis man uses the restroom he is flaccid and therefore has no veins popping out and usually has some wrinkles in the skin and is very flaccid and squishy. So we mimicked that in our models. 


Finally we take all measures we can to reduce wasted materials, which is better for our environment. Then we pass the money savings on to you.


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