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Willie is the full package with a gel filled sack and floating testicles.  As you can see from the video it is very soft. Most realistic STP's are modeled off an erect phallus and are very stiff. Because the silicone tubing runs all the way to the tip, it is not necessary to have the phallus stiff. For your skin tone I'll need a picture to get your coloring from. I need a close up of the back of your hand next to your lips. This will give me the color of the phallus and the glans. TRIGGER WARNING:The Winkie is meant to be placed between the labia under the urethra as pictured. Once it is in place simply move your hand out toward the end of the tubing to direct the urine flow. Once you're done you will need to break the seal to let the trapped urine out. Tilt your pelvis and pull the Winkie forward. Shake out remaining drips.Due to the nature of our products once the bag is opened there is no returns and no refunds. If there is a manufacturing defect we will replace your item. If you are unsatisfied with the color talk to us. 

W1 formerly known as Willie gen 1

Winkie Color
  • A Winkie and 10" of silicone tubing is included and the tubing runs all the way to the tip.

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