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Note: Color is achieved by a skintone matching picture. If you have freckles, eczema, vitiligo or other skin difference that you want included on your prosthetic please let us know.The Willie gen2 utilizes the same great Winkie stp system but with an updated look and size. The new Willie gen2 has a shaft that is 4" tip to balls, 4.75 around, and the balls hang apx 3" below the shaft. This new model still has skin texture but the wrinkles are not as deep as the original. This comes with 10" of the original tubing so you can adjust the fit to you.Due to the nature of our products there are no returns and no refunds. If there is a manufacturing defect we will replace your item. If you are unsatisfied with the color talk to us.

W2 formerly known as Willie gen2

Winkie Color
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